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Goodbye Kiddo 😢 Aug 27, 2023 Kiddo & Toby & College & Quick Thoughts Toby looks over his shoulder to his happy-but-sad father. Love you kiddo ready? no, not ready Aug 18, 2023 Quick Thoughts & Toby & Kiddo So I’m four days out from driving my one and only kiddo to his new home at college. And this dad is struggling with the idea. Not because I think impossible but true Mar 8, 2023 Toby & Kiddo & Quick Thoughts Tiny hands! NOT tiny hands! Happy 19th kiddo! Love you always, Dad bit of funk Feb 13, 2023 God & AnarchoFolk & Mental Health & Quick Thoughts God isn’t dead, but I’ll get that bastard some day. Kinda captures how I’m feeling lately. Dunno why… 🤷🏽‍♂️ subtle Feb 11, 2023 EdiblesThoughts & Quick Thoughts Sometime, somewhere, someone decided that the word ‘subtle’ would be spelled like that. And someone else said, ‘you are right…’ And thus we all Da Da Da Feb 9, 2023 DaDaDa & Earworm & Quick Thoughts There, now it’s trapped in your head too… ;) Themes, Expanded Dec 28, 2022 Reflections & Quick Thoughts (Again, if you’re not my family, this writeup probably doesn’t apply to ya! 🙃) So, maybe an example (or 11) of ‘themes’ might be in order. 2023 Themes Dec 27, 2022 Reflections & Quick Thoughts (If you’re not my family, this writeup probably doesn’t apply to ya! 🙃) Looking back on our New Year’s Eve chat about a significant thing or three