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tiny visitor Aug 28, 2023 Daily Pic & Wildlife Found a tiny visitor waiting in my office when we got back from moving kiddo. Now the question is is, where are his 100 siblings? 😳 morning flock Sep 29, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife & Rural Saw all these guys way ahead of me, just waiting in the road for me on my drive into work this morning. Waited ’til the last second to make a path being watched Sep 22, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Wildlife The vultures are making the rounds again this fall. Kinda creepy looking up and seeing a couple watch you take a walk… 💀 found a dino Sep 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Should’ve put something in frame this to give a sense of scale. Ran across this big guy (2’+ long) on my afternoon stroll through town 🦖 massive fly! Aug 19, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Can’t really tell without anything to contexualize this, but the fly in this picture is about the size of a quarter. 😳 Luckily, it is also on the birds below Jul 10, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Swallows hunting under a bridge over the West Papio Trail shaken duck Jun 20, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation & Wildlife