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Trust This? Oct 17, 2023 Verse How does one convince one that one’s mind isn’t to be trusted, but that one can trust this Failing at Both Oct 15, 2023 Verse another grey melancholy day with a grey melancholy heart trying to ignore the unimportant as well as the very important and failing at both Untried Eyes Oct 4, 2023 Verse newly empty spaces need to be filled by untried eyes Inorthagraphy Oct 3, 2023 Verse that is all Ossified Eyes Oct 2, 2023 Verse when you only look one way you never see it coming Melancholy Snatch Oct 1, 2023 Verse isn’t it amazing how melancholy can snatch defeat from certain victory Pattern Prediction Sep 29, 2023 Verse one step up from the bacteria just a better pattern predictor father's Prayer Sep 28, 2023 Verse hold on while the brain finishes processing Premature Attitude Sep 27, 2023 Verse well before she walked through the door his premature attitude ensured that it wasn’t happening today Regulation Guerilla Sep 26, 2023 Verse he’s always been nothing more than a regulation guerilla always well-versed but in the end pointless