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foggy! Sep 27, 2023 Daily Pic Just a lil’ foggy out there this morning tiny visitor Aug 28, 2023 Daily Pic & Wildlife Found a tiny visitor waiting in my office when we got back from moving kiddo. Now the question is is, where are his 100 siblings? 😳 good luck Toby & Sirr! Aug 26, 2023 Daily Pic & Kiddo & Toby Toby and his new roommate walking to the storm Aug 10, 2023 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky storm clouds building in the distance well that's not good Aug 5, 2023 Daily Pic & Weather A spinning cloud not more than a few hundred yards from our home road to nowhere Jul 8, 2023 Daily Pic & Rural Well, we know where we’re goin’, but we don’t know where we’ve been. And we know what we’re knowin’, but we can’t say what we’ve seen… yes, sarah Apr 24, 2023 Daily Pic & Doggy & Sunset & Rural You’re right Sarah, that was a beautiful sunset aurora! Apr 23, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky & Rural My old eyes didn’t ‘see’ this quite with quite the same level of detail, but still very cool to catch an aurora as far south as we are… cornell bound Apr 22, 2023 Daily Pic & Kiddo & College Kiddo’s decided where to go, and so we spent the weekend going for a visit on campus. So very excited for him, while also being a little sad that st. patrick's day cheating Mar 17, 2023 Daily Pic Live in a heavily Catholic area, so I generally just go along with fish on Friday over Lent. But apparently they are free to meat it up here because clouds! Mar 4, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky Love the clouds in this one triple Feb 21, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky & Rural Caught the moon and a couple planets walking girlie :) gothic king chapel Feb 4, 2023 Daily Pic Looking pretty #gothic there, Kings Chapel… 🧛🏻‍♂️ bright winter Jan 7, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky & Rural Light feels a little weirder in the depth of winter poor girlie! Jan 5, 2023 Daily Pic & Doggy Girlie got into a huge chunk of dead animal last week. Gross, but normally not a big deal - she’ll maybe chew on it briefly and then just leave it he's fine! Jan 4, 2023 Daily Pic & Kitty Really! Just very relaxed… ;) brrrrrrrr! Dec 22, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Weather Literally -13°F this morning as I was driving into work! 🥶 But, cool #SunDog starry sky Nov 21, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky & Night Still amazes me that a phone with such a tiny lens and physical focal depth can actually capture stars kitties cuddling Nov 12, 2022 Daily Pic & Kitty These guys aren’t huge fans of each other. Unless, that is, they are sleepy bullethole-riddled sign in spotlight Nov 7, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Cold night walk found me stumbling across this old bullet-ridden sign time change sunset Nov 6, 2022 Daily Pic & Sunset & Rural T’is that time of the year when those in charge of the clocks feel the need to fuck with everyone’s sleep schedule! 🙄 So, rushed to fit in my just stop Nov 2, 2022 Daily Pic Mind’s been racing lately over things I can’t control. Need to remember to just stop already… sweaty old man Oct 27, 2022 Daily Pic & Running Looking a little warm, but wasn’t dying at this point at least… :) [Not my picture - official Halfsy photographers’] finished halfsy 2022 Oct 23, 2022 Daily Pic & Running An image of your dear narrator, before and after dragging his ancient ass 13.1 miles on a warm & windy October day… 😅 too soon Oct 18, 2022 Daily Pic Not a big fan of the heat of summer, but this is WAY too soon for frost IMO death stare at homecoming Oct 7, 2022 Daily Pic & Kiddo Holy crap, my child. It can’t be that bad! 😡 morning flock Sep 29, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife & Rural Saw all these guys way ahead of me, just waiting in the road for me on my drive into work this morning. Waited ’til the last second to make a path being watched Sep 22, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Wildlife The vultures are making the rounds again this fall. Kinda creepy looking up and seeing a couple watch you take a walk… 💀 dusty sunset Sep 20, 2022 Daily Pic & Sunset & Rural Hot dusty day makes for a great sunset even the cows Sep 18, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Moo Humid late summer Sunday has even the cows laying around blowing up Sep 17, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Something’s blowing up to the east of me wild hemp Sep 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Sure, it’s all seeds and stems, but this year’s volunteer crop is still coming in nicely! 😈🌲 found a dino Sep 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Should’ve put something in frame this to give a sense of scale. Ran across this big guy (2’+ long) on my afternoon stroll through town 🦖 college visit Sep 12, 2022 Daily Pic & Kiddo Somehow, this wonderful human is a senior. I’m really excited for what the future may hold for him. While also really sad that, soon enough, I won’t fifteen miles later Sep 10, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie & Running The author, after surviving the longest distance he’s ever run in his 51 revolutions! 😅 noisy cock Sep 4, 2022 Daily Pic & Weird Bought it just to annoy our animals. And it definitely does… ;) split the sun Sep 2, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Right down the middle life finds a way Aug 30, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Amazing how the weeds can scratch out a living wherever. This one is growing through some pipe embedded in the ground in a ditch emptying the aquifer Aug 29, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Neighbors ever so slowly draining my well so that they can delay the consequences of their actions the gargoyle Aug 28, 2022 Daily Pic & Kitty She sat on the end table next to me just like this, staring off into nothingness, for 10+ minutes. I believe she is insane… ;) sandal tan lines Aug 27, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Checking out my sandal tan lines while enjoying a little early afternoon coffee on the deck friday night lights Aug 26, 2022 Daily Pic & Football Wife and I made our annual appearance at the kiddo’s high school’s football game. He’s not a sports kid, and he didn’t even consider showing up! ;) trip through the ditch Aug 25, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Kiddo Poor kiddo ended up taking his little car into the ditch on the way back from school. Everyone was fine, which is all that matters. I’ll take a teenage invasion Aug 24, 2022 Daily Pic When the teenager invade wasted park Aug 23, 2022 Daily Pic A couple windstorms over the last year had decimated a thick stand of old cottonwood trees near one of our city parks. And so the local park what cat problem? Aug 22, 2022 Daily Pic & Kitty I don’t see any problem. 🤪 just the handle Aug 20, 2022 Daily Pic & Sky Just the handle of a famous constellation. Can ya’ name it massive fly! Aug 19, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Can’t really tell without anything to contexualize this, but the fly in this picture is about the size of a quarter. 😳 Luckily, it is also on the mammatus over the barn Aug 18, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Slightly tweaked pic of some mammatus cloud formations spies everywhere Aug 18, 2022 Daily Pic My little town of <600 has these cameras on the main street through ‘downtown’. What could they possibly be looking for, and whose are they? Because negative for now Aug 17, 2022 Daily Pic Less than a week into the new school year and my son tested positive already. So far, been successful avoiding him… 🙄 utterly shameless Aug 10, 2022 Daily Pic & Doggy Sheesh Sarah… 🙈 a random blur Aug 9, 2022 Daily Pic & Random Yeah, I dunno what this is either. But I kinda like it. :) moon thru tree Aug 8, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural The moon cradled in tree branches during a delightful August evening dog walk nice melons Aug 7, 2022 Daily Pic Always wonder where this produce is coming from, as it seems way too early for ripe melons in early August around here in memory of a comrade Aug 4, 2022 Daily Pic Language that would never get cleared today :( split sun Aug 3, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Hazy humid day as the sun gets split by the horizon humid trumpets Aug 1, 2022 Daily Pic Even the trumpet flowers look like they’re not enjoying the 90° and 90% humidity cool dip Jul 31, 2022 Daily Pic & Doggy Can’t blame girlie for taking a quick dip in the creek to cool down whatchoo looking at? Jul 30, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural “Take a picture, it’ll last longer…” random mushroom Jul 29, 2022 Daily Pic Random metal mushroom I stumbled across walking in town aggressive sidewalk Jul 28, 2022 Daily Pic This sidewalk on the walk back from my lunch at the local crap food purveyor angles aggressively towards a heavily-trafficked four-lane stroad for the John W. Schaum Jul 26, 2022 Daily Pic Yep, you read that right - *THE* John W. Schaum! 😈 what are you looking at? Jul 24, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Move along, nothing to see here odd rainbow Jul 23, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky weird rainbow effect after the storm blew through freedom? yeah right... Jul 21, 2022 Daily Pic garbage, all around long hay shadow Jul 20, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Magic hour shadows on newly-baled hay corn field perspective Jul 18, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky To the point old man long run Jul 17, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie An old man after an 8-mile hot sweaty Nebraska summer run. But he lives! :) favorite son Jul 16, 2022 Daily Pic & Kiddo & Selfie Caught the favorite son smiling :) light thru stained glass Jul 15, 2022 Daily Pic & Art Sunlight through a St. Wenceslaus stained glass window west point street art Jul 13, 2022 Daily Pic & Art No clue what is going on here, but this heavily spray-painted shipping container was stumbled upon behind the auditorium that one grey hair Jul 12, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie Sneaking up on me 🖕🏼 gravel strolling Jul 11, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Selfie Just an old man walking down the road birds below Jul 10, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Swallows hunting under a bridge over the West Papio Trail dodge daze polka Jul 9, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Polka and pulled pork black barn Jul 7, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Unpainted barn after the rain poor girly Jul 6, 2022 Daily Pic & Doggy Poor Sarah ended up with a hematoma on one of her ears, had surgery to take care of it today. Think they could have found a bigger cone little to celebrate Jul 4, 2022 Daily Pic & Politics Gotta be perfectly honest, not feeling there is a whole lot to celebrate about America lately. But I’m always down for some good explosives… trumpet flowers Jul 3, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural dark deck Jul 2, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural yellow feeder Jul 1, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural fuck you corben Jun 28, 2022 Daily Pic & Politics crumpled silo Jun 27, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural pffff Jun 26, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie unmolested sign Jun 25, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky burrito Jun 24, 2022 Daily Pic super duper Jun 23, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation minneapolis butts Jun 22, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation deep Jun 21, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation shaken duck Jun 20, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation & Wildlife red gym tree Jun 19, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation cover warning Jun 18, 2022 Daily Pic & Vacation taylor Jun 17, 2022 Daily Pic & Guitar through the screen Jun 16, 2022 Daily Pic & Kitty my left foot Jun 15, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural hot doggo Jun 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Doggy