2023 Resolutions Themes

(If you’re not my family, this writeup probably doesn’t apply to ya! 🙃)

Looking back on our New Year’s Eve chat about a significant thing or three we wanted to try to achieve in 2022, I accomplished less than I wanted on them. I ran my half marathon and made a tiny bit of progress towards working from home more (though I did so only a few times). But my tribe is still uncontacted, and nothing was done about getting out of the country vacation- or otherwise. I don’t know if either of you continues to think about what you were aiming at, but I’m betting your results are similar.

I don’t think that had anything to do with what we chose, but more that resolutions just kind of suck as a motivating force. So how about we try something else? After all, having some intentionality about life is a good thing. A nerdy little podcast I enjoy has been chatting up the idea of themes’ over resolutions’ around this time every year for a while, and it might be fun/helpful/potentially life-changing to give the idea a run. And thought maybe you both might want to join me with your own theme’?

Here’s a quick intro to the theme’ idea:

If you’d want to really delve into the idea, here’s one of their extended discussions on their personal yearly themes. Not necessary to understand the concept or anything, but still a good listen:

And like all good hustlers, they’ve created something legitimately cool, a Theme System Journal. Ordered one for myself when they first came out last year, and then it disappeared into some drawer and thus never got used. But I plan to track it down or order another and have already ordered a copy for each of you to try out if you’d want to give it a go:

Maybe we could chat about the idea over a nice meal sometime soon because I enjoyed that discussion we had last year over our NYE dinner? There’s no pressure to have a thoroughly considered theme or anything (unless you want to), but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Up next SOTD December 26, 2022 Themes, Expanded (Again, if you’re not my family, this writeup probably doesn’t apply to ya! 🙃) So, maybe an example (or 11) of ‘themes’ might be in order.
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