YSM, How About a Desktop Editor?

Yahoo! Search Marketing

While deciding on the path I want to take with any marketing efforts via the big G following my latest slap, my Yahoo Search Marketing and MS AdCenter campaigns have been trucking along just fine. In fact, I can now see how well these two lowly competitors actually convert, and it has me thinking I should spend a little time focusing here rather than working too hard trying to appease the Adwords gods.

The last few days, I've been doing a fair amount of bid tweaking and setting up ad split tests, and while I really appreciate how well my Yahoo efforts are doing, someone over there needs to build a desktop editor to speed up this process! I probably could have tripled my adspend with them by now if I wasn't so hamstrung by doing things in the web interface.

Anyone know of a third party app that interfaces with 'em, preferably one that doesn't cost a fortune? ;)

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