Xmarks Bookmark Sync Lives! Maybe...

Keeping things like important files and bookmarks synced between multiple computers took just a little planning. For instance, the ever-wonderful Dropbox keeps all my important - and not so important but still useful - files available anywhere I am while backing it all up to the cloud for me. Saved my ass more than once! ;)

Xmarks Lives!

Bookmark sync is another of those areas I absolutely need a synced backup between my various systems, and have been a long time user of Xmarks, even back when it used to be known as Foxmarks. The recent announcement of their upcoming shuttering left me scrambling for a replacement. Everything I've tried has left me frustrated at best or pissed off at worst. (Yes, I'm looking at you Firefox Sync --your inability to do much of anything wasted far too much of my time over the couple days I attempted to get it working!)

But news of Xmarks potential resurrection brought a smile to my face today. I've pledged my support for them today. If you ever find someone who provides a great service that just flat out works for you, don't hesitate to pony up a few bucks to support 'em!

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