What a Year & a Little Focus Can Do...

Just thought I'd share my latest post at the Campaign Blasts forum, entitled 'Blasting - One Year Later':

Are you ready???
So I noticed today that I'm a week past my one year anniversary as a member of Campaign Blasts. And it has started to sink in how much my life has changed since signing up here. A year ago, in a good month I was clearing maybe 250 bucks with this side gig, despite playing around in it for years. And most of that was from several text link ads on a personal site I barely touch via advertisers who I still believe aren't receiving anywhere near the value they are paying. Their continued patronage pays my hosting & domain registrations plus a few bucks more every month, but I really don't think they have any idea what they are doing... ;) Most of my efforts -- if you could call them that -- in those years were really just research into the latest and greatest methods to make quick, easy cash. Or so the dozen or so daily emails that crossed my screen said. In actuality, I was just flopping from one thing to the next without actually finishing a damn thing. Somewhere along the line, I stumbled across Dennis Becker's 5BucksADay eBook. Which got me to Earn1KaDay. Which eventually got me here. A month or two after arriving, I actually did something with the info I gleaned here, and before I knew it began to make some actual money. Pay-off-all-our-bills-sans-the-mortgage money. Life changing money. Oh, and did I mention, I enjoy the hell out of the process? A year down the line, mid five-figures worth of stupid debt is gone, and just shy of the balance remaining on the mortgage is sitting in our savings account. And I'm trudging my way through a bit of mid life crisis because I can't quite decide what direction I want to take my life versus the standard one concerning the path one has found themselves cornered into. Here's to the next 12 months... :)

If that brief little brain dump isn't crystal clear, I'll spell it out more explicitly. I seriously can't recommend any of these three resources more highly:

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