Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 9

Winding up week two of the latest Blast Challenge, so another productive week is in the books. Not quite as productive as last week -- which puts me ever so slightly behind my overall Blast challenge -- but still a good week overall:

so this is why I was late for work... by macspite
  1. Seven more eBay mini sites. I just love these things, and that Terapeak subscription keeps revealing all sorts o' fun alleyways to stumble down. I've got this process pretty well systemized, so if I just continued to build these, I could easily handle the challenge's goal of 20 per week without really even breaking a sweat. Nonetheless, diversity's a good thing.
  2. Four direct-to-merchant blasts. Another broad group, but this time around the merchants are definitely more evergreen than last week's more seasonals.
  3. Put together three more custom landing pages. Struggled with these quite a bit this week. Not so much because of the process itself, but because of a persistent flaky internet connection at home. I do a lot of tweaking as I build this things, and when I lose connection along with some extensive changes to my setup, gets a lil' frustrating! :evil: Hoping things work their way out this week!
  4. Nanoblog updating continues. Almost forgot about 'em... ;)

With that, I count 14 blasts, bringing me six shy of being on track to meet my challenge. A couple extra per week for the remaining three weeks, and I'd be fine, but I think I may tackle them all this week. Maybe even go all mini site just to cheat a little... ;) I've got a ton of potentials sitting in my ideadump folder anyway!

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