Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 8

As expected, participating in the latest Blast Challenge just about guaranteed that I'd have a productive week. I'd almost make the challenge a permanent sort o' thing, but keeping up that pace can be a little stressful. And, quite honestly, I just don't want to work that damn hard -- I'm shooting for something a little more passive! ;) But at a third of that pace? Hmmm, that probably is quite doable!

Anyway, this week's progress:

  1. Seven eBay mini sites, taken from idea to full blast. In that vein, grabbed a month-to-month subscription to Terapeak and found several niches that I would have never thought of. Definitely a service to at least try for a month or two if you're doing product research, even if you don't do the eBay thing.
  2. Seven direct-to-merchant test balloons released. Very wide range of niches here, don't believe any of them relate to another unless you really stretch the ol' noggin! ;)
  3. Six custom landing pages created for yet another batch of merchants. This one is more of a loose cluster of seasonal products.
yellow by darkmatter

And that looks like 20 blasts to me. Just have to accomplish as much over the next four weeks, and I'll meet my blast challenge! :eek:

Yeah, maybe a third is more my speed... ;)

[What is this all about?]

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