Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 7

1040 by ehpien

Like I said last week, I wasn't sure how much would get accomplished this week as we wound up a particularly busy portion of the ol' day job. And it was a slower week on my goal front for sure.

  1. Killed off a few campaigns that were holiday-centric, and that have finally would down to the point that they were only barely borderline profitable. I could probably keep them going a few weeks more with some more intense attention, but the cost/benefit ratio of doing so with these particular campaigns would be exceedingly low. We'll just let 'em idle until the next time around!
  2. Continued my nanoblogging tasks, with some fairly major tweaking on one of them.

And that's about it. The ol' brain just wasn't up to focusing, and so it didn't.

That said, Blast Challenge XI went live today, and I intend to get as many of my 100 done as possible over the next few weeks. Next week should be a little more lively on the goal front... :)

[What is this all about?]

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