Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 6

Mountain Metropolis by Kalamakia

The Winter Olympics were quite the Siren call for me this week, but resisted just enough to manage to get at least few things done:

  1. Seven new niche minisites blasted. What can I say? I tend to stick with what has been working! The last week has shown a nice jump up in my profit per click, so that's always a good thing... :mrgreen:
  2. Continue doing what you do with a couple of my nanoblogs. Huge earners? Not yet, but like I said, I see the potential. Also, for some reason one of those sites has been having a few technical issues that I just haven't found the time to track down, so it's just sitting in the pits right for now. Once I get past a few things at work, I'll track it down and get that one going again as well.
  3. More campaign tweaking, dropping a few marginal-at-best ad groups, while expanding a few that have shown some real promise. Which is probably why I'm seeing a decent jump in that profit per click in #1 above!

Oh, and I finalized around, oh, eighty tax returns or so. But that ain't part of this goal! ;) This week will see my heavily in those as well until we get through most of our ag clients. Which is almost certain to fry my brain just a bit, so we'll have to see what I manage to accomplish this next week.

But after that, it looks like another Blast Challenge is about to start up on the 1st over at Campaign Blasts, and tax season or not, I'll be playing along. Even if I only accomplish half what I set out to do, just doing the challenge should kick me a fair ways down the path!

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