Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 3

Another week, another what-have-I-done-lately status report.

The day job was leaving me a little fried at the end of the day all week. And with tax season about to ramp up, likely even more so ahead. But I was left home alone this weekend as my wife & son went north with the in-laws to see her brother, so I had a chance to really plug away at a few things without my normal distractions.


Of course, I'm imminently distractable, so I did manage to waste a fair amount of time doing things like, oh, clearing out clothes I don't wear from my closet. Or shopping to fill a little of that newly empty space in said closet. Or finalizing last years data for my little corporation in order to prepare for doing it's tax return. Or a few dozen games of table tennis in Wii Sports Resort. You get my drift... ;)

Nevertheless, I did manage to get a ton done:

  1. Nanoblogging: Did some tweaking on a few details I had overlooked on the site I set up last week. Also converted a sorely neglected personal site into a Nanoblog. I have a handful that could use this treatment if the process pans out like I think it will! And started applying the system to the three I have set up. I see some real potential with nanoblogging, and plus, I enjoy doing the research involved in applying it!
  2. MMS: Set up another five mini money sites, all blasted away and waiting for stats to come rolling in...
  3. Just for a change of pace, set up a few direct link campaign blasts. Been a while since I've done things that way, but in researching niches for the Nanoblogs, came across a few interesting merchants that allowed direct linking. Might as well run with it!

30 weeks to go. Wish me luck!

[What is this all about? What the Weekly Kick in the Ass is...]

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