Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 11

Ah, a week later, and I feel pretty well human again. Quite the end-o'-winter cold this time. Still pill popping to kill off the bugs that are hanging on, but the end is near! But the real question: Did I get anything done this week?

  • Precisely no campaigns were entirely completed. As it's late in the game, I decided to go the eBay mini site route for the remainders. Going to run through my process with the campaigns in bulk, so, I'll either finish all of 'em, or I'll finish none of 'em. ;) To meet the blast challenge, I have to get the remaining 66 of 'em live by next Monday! :eek: Should be fun!
  • That said, I gathered at least 66 files full of raw recent sales data pulled in via Hot Item Finder from some interesting potential niches I found with my Terapeak subscription. What remains is a bit of almost mechanical effort to get these fleshed out and finished up. Still, 66 with other things going on in life? Could be a stretch!
  • A few forgotten info sites with Adsense on them have really taken off this week for some reason. Trying to figure what's going on there in order to replicate it, but I just can't seem to ferret out any real reason for the traffic increase. I can't argue with a little extra income, but it bugs me that I'm having problems coming up with a way to systemize the increase...

All things considering, not a bad week by any means. Little completed, but much worked on. Nothing like taking it down to the wire... :)

What is this all about? What the Weekly Kick in the Ass is...

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