Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 10

Sean didn't accomplish a damn thing towards meeting his goal this week!


Feel free to berate him...

Not precisely true, in that I did manage to get together some basic sales information to cover the missing six blasts from the prior week as well as all twenty for the one just finished. Finished that up last Monday evening, set the info aside with full intentions to get rolling, and suffered the remainder of the week with I-don't-know-what.

In fact, I continue to suffer with whatever it is as I type, and am making a run up to the clinic after I finish this up. Being like most men, I don't run to the doctor unless I'm feeling incredibly shitty.

And I am.

So maybe next week we can get rid of the stocks... but personally, I'd be fine if I can just get rid of whatever has decided to camp out in my head! ;)

ed. So doc loaded me up with a boatload of full body antibiotic pills, some eye drop antibiotics (I should have grabbed a few scary closeups of my pair of seriously bloodshot eyes before I started the eyedrops), and some nasal steroids. More meds than I've been on for a long time -- apparently, had good reason to feel like hell! ;)

[What is this all about?]

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