Weekly Kick in the Ass, Week 1

This year I have set a single, fairly aggressive goal to accomplish before I roll into another decade. The decade that starts with the number four. While it is only tangentially related to a particular amount of money, there definitely is a financial component to it. In order to comfortably accomplish what I want, I look to increase my current side income in the neighborhood of three-fold before I'm 40, exactly 39 weeks from today. Certainly not impossible -- after all, nothing truly is with appropriate motivation -- but certainly not achievable merely by coasting.

The problem is, almost three weeks into the new year I have taken, at best, minor steps forward. Certainly continuing to earn -- the system I use is by design as passive as possible -- but not really expanding. In other words, I am coasting. Like I said, coasting won't get me there. And just to make it fun, if I don't get there, not only will I not reach my goal, I set up a trigger that will cost me a not insubstantial chunk o' cash should I not accomplish it.

On the Road Again

So I thought, why not go a little medieval, use what little traffic I have here as my public square, and put myself in virtual stocks for some public humiliation should I continue to slack off. Every Monday until then, a new Weekly Kick in the Ass post is set to automagically get posted with a brief rundown of any progress towards my goal done during the week. Or, should I continue coasting, a post that instead read:

Sean didn't accomplish a damn thing towards meeting his goal this week. Feel free to berate him...

If the mood strikes you, go right ahead! =)

And once again:

Reminder: If you can read this message, almost by default you are wealthier and better off than most of the world. The recent earthquake in Haiti is a glaring example of how little you have to complain about. Please consider donating some of your bounty to those far less fortunate than yourself!

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