Up to My Neck in Other People's Taxes

Creative Commons License photo credit: kozumel

In a way, I'm itching to get back into the IM world, but tax season has been fun so far. (Yes, I'm probably odd, but hey, what can I say...) We're around a third of the way through our main portion of tax season, and I'm amazed I don't dream in numbers or depreciation schedules at this point... ;)

One thing I haven't been doing much of is checking my stats. I'll admit I do much more of that than is necessary. Once a day is probably fine - heck, once a week is OK as far as that goes - but I used to find myself checking every few hours. But with my mind occupied with other people's numbers, I haven't bothered to check my accounts for quite some time. Relatively speaking, of course! And what do you know, while I've been otherwise occupied, I find myself doing almost as well this month as far as commissions as I did last month. Which was my best month of IM income ever.

Passive income is a wonderful thing... :)

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