Two Weeks of Limited Thinking

Ah, the holidays, gotta love 'em. If you are anything like me, all that family time, all that tasty-but-awful-for-you food, all those two days at work followed by two off followed by one on followed by three off, etc. scrambles the old noggin' a bit. Feels like I'm in a haze, and I didn't have even a single drink over New Years Eve to blame that on! ;)

we're on a road to nowhere (Extreme RAW Edition)
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Here's what I've accomplished on my side adventure the last couple weeks: daily stats checking. Every day, I log in a time or two, see what was made from the affiliate programs I promote, make sure there is a large enough balance remaining in my Adwords account, and at the end of the day plug those reports into my tracking spreadsheet. That's it.

Sounds like an important thing to do -- after all, you wouldn't want things caving in around you or anything. But in reality, it might take me a good 15 minutes to accomplish what I just described. Which leaves 23 hours and 45 minutes to, well, actually accomplish something.

I have this odd problem in that I'm almost entirely aimless right now. A month and a half ago I met what I thought was a ridiculous goal at the time. Only to blow right past it again in December without any real effort. I know, I know -- such problems. :roll:

But it leaves me a without a heck of a lot of motivation to do anything but coast. I know what needs to be done -- a revisit of my goals -- but with the chaos of the holidays I just haven't made the time.

Two weeks from now I plan to be enjoying myself in (hopefully) sunny Orlando meeting some of the people who have helped me along this path as well as getting my mind filled with more ideas. By then, a few new goals will be fleshed out and in place!

Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. – Joseph Addison
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