Twelve Weeks 'Til Christmas

Looking at my calendar, I see that that favorite time of year for just about anyone selling just about anything coming into sight. Which just serves as a reminder that it is time to get cracking again.

Christmas countdown banner

I did accomplish my big goal of 100 blast goal by my September 28th deadline. And am, quite honestly, thrilled to have gotten such massive action done. But I have also been mostly resting on my laurels since then. In that time, my main accomplishment has been putting together a spreadsheet that allows me to more easily track whether my blasts are profitable or not. Which surely is an important thing. But also surely not a four day job, even at the part time rate I'm devoting to this endeavor!

It would be nice to have maybe triple that number of blasts out there to greet those shoppers hitting the mall that is on their desk. And four day breaks ain't going to get it done, now is it?

Let's see if I can bust out another 50 by this time next week, shall we? It's time to see how productive I can make October.

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