Turning Into A Domain Junkie

All of five days passed since the last purchase before I had to pick up another domain: Get Snorkeling. With this one, I thought I'd have a little fun with it and see how quickly I could do a site. From initial idea through keyword checking through domain search (yeah, I know, quite the shocker of a name from me) through registration to fully populated site: 22 minutes and change. At that pace, it would be a long weekend to get those theoretical 100 domains up and going. But I definitely see some room to tweak the process, mostly involved with the layout of the various customizations each site needs in my minisite script. A little time spent massaging the layout of those items, and I think I could easily get it down to <15 minutes a site... maybe even 10. ;)

I keep catching myself looking up new domains whenever an idea pops into my head, so it is definitely time to start developing what I already have before I get buried in them! The parked minisite are doing alright - .05 here, .60 there - but the developed sites are doing so much better so much more consistently.

I did spend a bit of time this evening working on one of my Build A Niche Store sites, trying to get the look and feel of the site into what I have in mind for it. I'm not going to bother linking to the work in progress, as the search engine bots seem to like BANS sites too well, and they'd just index all the nonsense that is in it right now if they'd stumble upon it. I still get a fair number of random kitchen item searches that got indexed from when I let my sushi site sit undeveloped over a weekend. Not that I don't appreciate the traffic; it's just that I don't expect any of it to convert into a sale, so really, outside of cluttering my stats, what's the point?

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