Time to Work on That News, err, RSS, err, Information Overload

Feeddemon tells me 'You have a total of 9 folders, 373 feeds, 9239 items, 431 unread items, and 287 flagged items'. And it tells me this after I spend more time than I care to share trying to purge it of sources I haven't actually visited for some time.

My 'Read These' folder in Gmail has 68 unread items in it. These are links to articles I run into that look extremely interesting or useful, but whose content is long enough that I choose to set them aside for now, thinking 'I just don't have the time to read the whole thing right now, not with the other 50 smaller posts I have to look through; I'll get back to them later!'

My homepage is set to news.google.com.

I've got more than a touch of news addiction. Hi. My name is Sean Oelkers, and I've got a full-fledged case of information overload.

And what golden nuggets of information have I gleaned from the ridiculous amount of time I spent perusing all this so far today? Well, let's see, what pops into the ol' noggin first?

As you can see, time well spent.

Meanwhile, I've got 13 items waiting on my To-Do list. Things generally end up on my To-Do list when I've forgotten about them once or twice, and their not-being-done has come back to smack me in the back of the head. So you can imagine there are many more things swimming around that should be on that list, but aren't.

Plus, I've also got an 'Ideas!' folder jam packed with all sorts of topics I'd like to delve into furthur, several of which could even make a dollar or $10,000 on if I spent a bit of time developing them. If I could just find the time...

Admitting you've got a problem is half the battle. Methinks it may just be time to try something new!

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