The Microbes Prevail, But Found a New Digit Anyway

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeff_Werner

As I thought, those little microbes just wouldn't allow me to gather together any focus to get those last nineteen done. That, and I had a real bastard of a day at my 'real job'. When I finally made it home, I really wasn't in a do-more-work mode. I just wanted a little family time. Also known as answering a billion unanswerable questions from my favorite four-year-old. Sometimes I think he's just testing me. :)

I did have one nice little surprise tonight as far as this side adventure I've been taking. Was playing around with the reports in the EPN dashboard, and I stumble across a pleasant thing. My total from September 9th through October 9th contains something new: a fourth digit.

$1,003.74 to be exact. :mrgreen:

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