Tax Season, A New Blast Challenge, and Keeping Me Busy

Why not make myself as busy as possible for a few weeks?

First off, I play tax preparer during this time of the year. And work at likely the busiest little accounting firm in Nebraska. It isn't absolutely insane yet, but soon enough I'll be knee deep in 1099s and W2s and calculator tape...

Then, one of my favorite membership decided it was about time to run a Blast Challenge.

What's that, you ask? It's a group effort to get you to ramp up your blasting business. I've participated in two of them so far, and they are responsible for most of the progress that has taken my side endeavor's monthly earnings from the low three figures to what is now low five figures.

Could I skip out on this one? Well sure. Would it be the smart choice, based on it being tax season and the fact that I'll soon be swamped? Nah. This little side trip has tripled my overall income in a matter of months. I don't care how hard I would work, tax prep work just ain't going to do that! Plus, a little sleep deprivation never hurt anyone!

And of course, I've been busy as hell mastering tennis on my new Wii... 8)

Oh, and one last thing. That last sticky? Had to replace that as well, 'cause I hit it. Twice.

And who needs that holding me back? ;) So, let's try this one on for size:

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