Wii On The Way

Creative Commons License photo credit: giiks

At long last -- in other words, a month -- I've tracked down a Wii in the configuration I want... :) Every now and then, my December motivator would pop into my mind, but of course it was never in stock at anything like retail price. Sure, there are all kinds of ways to pick one up if I was willing to pay retail+50%, but I guess I'm just not that eager a consumer. Today, one is en route to me.

For those looking for one (or similar always out-of-stock items), here's how I ended up tracking it down this afternoon:

  • Install the Firefox plugin Check4Change.
  • Load up a few retailers' Wii console page, and find the Out of Stock text that almost always exists there.
  • Highlight that text, right click, and Check4Change -> Every 5 Minutes.
  • Do whatever you normally do, but keep Firefox and those tabs loaded.
  • When that tidbit of text changes, Check4Change will give you a little visual cue on the tab that something has been altered. You can also configure it to play a sound or bring the window to the front if you happen to not live in your browser.
  • Order your Wii. :)

This will certainly boost my productivity... :roll:

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