Sayonara Tumblr

Creative Commons License photo credit: me and the sysop

Who knew, even talking about affiliate marketing gets you kicked off tumblr.

Well, apparently my little tumblr site was just too black hat for them and they suspended my account. :roll: As I discovered when I attempted to put up a little update there last night, and confirmed via email today.

Well, maybe not... seems to be all kinds of affiliate links there. But then, he's Shawn Collins, and I imagine that makes a little more difference than some little peon like myself.

I'm not sure if I agree that my little site met their definition of spam:

Spam. Users that do not publish meaningful content, use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or whose primary purpose is affiliate marketing, will be suspended.

I wouldn't say my primary purpose of that site was affiliate marketing. Yes, there were affiliate links on there, but it was certainly not a site I was expecting to see large numbers of sales from. Just my thoughts on the process as well as a little of what I would manage to accomplish on an awfully granular level. Oh, and a handful of things I was grateful for for the day of that post, which I found to be the most useful part of the whole process. Things that probably would be fine throwing up here, quite honestly -- sometimes I just complicate things to complicate things, it seems!

Irregardless, it's gone. So be it. Luckily, I fed it to, so at least I can recover the post if I'd ever want them back. If you happen to be the curious type, you can check it out there.

Let this be a lesson: self-hosting is the only way your data is yours.

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