How to Determine What Earned an eBay Commission from Your BANS Site

I like knowing what I sold on eBay via my Niche Stores, but Commission Junction doesn't make it exactly clear how to go about getting this info. I keep seeing people trying to find out this info on the Build A Niche Store members forum, so I thought I'd throw up a quick writeup that I could point people, 'cause I'm that nice a guy and all, you know... :)

Step One: Log into your Commission Junction account

Pretty self-explanatory. If you can't figure this one out, you've got more problems than how to find what you earned a commission on... ;)

Step Two: Run A Report

Select 'Run Reports' from the top menu:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Two: Run Reports

Step Three: View Pending Commissions

Along the right side should be a few boxes with the latest stats. Under Pending Commissions, click on your latest commissions:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Three: Check Latest Commissions

Step Four: Find the daily commission you're interested in

Select the commission you're curious about:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Four: Find Daily Commission

Step Five:

Finally, we get to were CJ decided to hide the meaty details -- in the Excel version of this report. Your guess as to why is as good as mine, so no, I don't know why either. Select the Excel format and Submit to download:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Five: Get the Report in Excel Format

Step Six: Find the eBay Item Number

The column titled 'Order_ID' (P here) gives us what we are looking for -- the eBay item number. It is the second number in that column (300173673592 in this example):

Finding What Was Sold, Step Six: The Elusive Item Number

Step Seven: Search for the Item Number

Go to eBay, and enter that number in the search box:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Seven

Step Eight: A Coupon? You don't say...

And finally, there we have it. The commission came from this item:

Finding What Was Sold, Step Eight: The Holy Grail?

Be prepared to find some oddball stuff. That seven day cookie gives people all sorts of time to find weird things on eBay! :)

Hope that was useful!

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