Still Here, Just In A Holding Pattern...

Not getting much accomplished because of a little internal warfare, aka a heavy winter cold. It's been ten days or so of this damn thing, but I think we've finally got the invaders in retreat.

I've decided to temporarily hold off on my grand plans until the fog encasing my mind lifts. After all, I hate to throw money at things that don't make any sense when I'm thinking straight. But I've got quite a number of possibilities in my idea box, so I imagine shortly my domain stable is going to be expanding.

One thing I have been accomplishing is signing up for quite a few affiliate networks. It really is amazing how many different programs are out there. And the differences in payouts on the same programs from affiliate network to affiliate network is definitely something to look into if you are going to get into online marketing in any serious way.

The latest I've been messing around with is NetShops, which runs a network of online stores, all with pretty decent payouts (generally the 10-15% range). What I find really interesting is their datafeeds, and how simple they make accessing them. A little experimentation with these on the minisites (as well as the BANS sites) is definitely in order!

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