So Much Focus, I Just Couldn't Look Away

OK, so I lied. Despite my stated desire to get back to BANS building, I didn't quite get there. In fact, the only thing I got accomplished as far as my standard niche store creation is concerned was catching up on the Build A Niche Store members' forum and chatting with a few other BANSers about some professional SEO services.

Instead, I maintained the focus I talked of in the last post, and went out and re-purposed an existing domain, plus picked up a couple new ones while I was at it. All now using my ever-evolving mashup parking script:

  • Guest Goods was a practically abandoned, hand-edited blog that occassionally tracked a few of the late nite talkshows' guests (and, of course, the goods they were pushing). Now, it automagically picks up who those guests are supposed to be, and lists even more of their offerings. If you were a follower of the previous iteration of that site, you must have been a comment spammer, because a couple hundred comment spams a day (according to my daily Spam Karma report) was all that it ever generated for me!
  • In a further attempt to beat an idea into the ground, another '' domain - Get A PDA - joins my growing stable. Though I really can't imagine exactly what I'll be focusing on at that site... ;)
  • Finally, Llandró Collector makes its way onto the list of Domains Needing Development™. Classic (and classy) collectibles plus a ton of listings all over the place gives this one some real potential.

So I had a little practice in rapidly deploying a few domains during some downtime. A couple hundred sites over a weekend - from the initial idea research to a complete living and breathing site with everything in place - may be a bit of a stretch. But if I could streamline the process, not necessarily an impossible one! :)

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