Sleep Deprivation and the Earn1KaDay Summit

Cats are entitled to be lazy 5

It's been almost a week since attending the Earn $1k A Day Summit down in sunny Orlando. Almost every local Orlandoan I chatted with kept apologizing for the unseasonably cold weather. considering I left Nebraska at 5 below zero, 60 felt almost warm enough to hit that outdoor pool at the hotel... ;)

But what does this have to do with sleep deprivation? Well, I didn't want to miss a single thing at the summit, so I set my return flight for Monday morning rather than risking having to leave early by taking a Sunday evening flight out. 6:15am Monday morning, in particular. Which meant my prepaid shuttle company guaranteeing catching my flight only if I took a 3:15am or earlier ride. For a night owl like myself, the first thing that popped into my head was ouch!

Nevertheless, my mind was fried from all that information thrown at me over the weekend, and I thought I was tired enough to actually get a few hours of sleep after everything wound down. Only to find my mind racing. And racing. And racing. And looking over and seeing 1:42am on the clock. And then the alarm waking me about 40 minutes later.

A half hour sleep + the piss poor rest you can get in economy airline seats doesn't really cut it!

The rest of the week? Kind of a blur. ;)

More on the summit later...

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