Scramblin' For 100 Blasts

So I set a SMART goal of a cool 100 campaign blasts by this 28th of this month in early August, and what do you know, we're creeping up on that date. With less than a week to go, I still have about 40 to go. What can I say? It was a lazy September...

That said, I easily have that number of potential campaigns to pick from mostly fleshed out in text files on my thumbdrive. But quite honestly, I may just make these last forty straight to quick eBay niche landing pages. My little experiment with them seems to be going well, with a few winning campaigns in the mix already and covering the experiment's total ad spend so far. Cut some non-performers, optimize those winners, and I see some great things going forward.

While I got a half dozen done this afternoon, I didn't get much accomplished on those last 40 tonight. My son insisted we build tunnels with blocks and race tennis balls through them for a couple hours. And who am I to argue? ;)

That, and I left my thumbdrive with all my campaign info in my work PC, so I'm flying blind anyway. :roll:

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