Quick Niche Store Building

Amazingly, a few people who don't know me personally notice this site. Why I don't know, especially considering I post about once a year... ;)

But a couple of you do, and you emailed me about how I went about building those sites I mentioned in last post. The big honking banner in the upper right of this post is the answer. Build A Niche Store aka BANS is an ultra-simple way to put up a bunch of eBay affiliate sites in no time.

For instance, my latest, the Nikonos Cameras store took me about 4 hours total to throw together, from keyword research to graphics to content creation to ad layout to going live. And honestly, a more than healthy chunk of that was tweaking the header image to look the way I wanted it (what can I say - I'm a little obsessive about things like that).

Yes, the BANS software does cost $97, a not unsubstantial amount if you're living on the edge like many. But for those 97 bucks, I can build an essentially unlimited number of sites (Have you ever looked through eBay? You can buy just about anything there. Ideas is one things I am not in short supply of!) The only additional cost to me is whatever another domain name is going for at the time, from a couple bucks for an .info to maybe $8 for a .com per year.

So far the last two weeks I've cleared over $150 from just one of those sites. And see no real reason why I won't see at least similar performance in the future (and likely better as the search engines better index the sites). I haven't touched the site since I put it up, so you won't see me complaining about that performance one bit.

The remaining sites? Not doing quite that well yet, but they've all made enough to pay for themselves already, so anything going forward is pure gravy. Besides, they're so new they barely appear in Google yet, so I expect nothing but better performance going forward...

If interested, grab a copy the BANS software, ask as many questions as you want in the very active forums (and feel free to drop me a PM - I'm Sean there), and see what you can come up. But be warned -- building niche stores can be addictive!

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