Preschool Is Bullying Me

*improved* stop sign
Creative Commons License photo credit: louisa_catlover

Or should I say, the germs from my son's preschool are! :shock:

Doesn't it suck that the side effect of the drugs you take to deal with the symptoms of a craptacular fall head cold are almost worse than the cold itself?

Looking at the number yet to go on my mini personal challenge, the state of my infected body (and the mind attached to it), and the time remaining, it looks like that goal just isn't meant to be met.

31 blasts isn't quite 50, but it's in hand grenade range at least. Still, not bad for eight six days. (I spent a good chunk of a day figuring out keyword pruning, and accomplished next to nothing today.) Unless the fog lifts in a profound way tomorrow, I just don't see getting nineteen more done.

Ah, well, if I met every stretch goal, it would just mean I'm not really stretching.

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