Pay Attention, Even To The Little Things

Wednesday, I was winding my day down trying to find a little something to babysit my mind on the old idiot box. And what do I find but a program on an international channel I've never even seen concerning the main topic of possibly the strangest of my 100 blasts. The particular campaign has made a couple dollars since putting it up half a month ago, but it's also only cost me a couple quarters in ads, so technically a winning campaign. But definitely a low key one.

'Hmmm... might want to keep an eye on that campaign tomorrow.'

But it being 2am or so, and coming from some oddball channel, and not having a notebook near my body in which to make myself a note, I, ummm, well, forgot about it.

I wake up Thursday to an exceedingly busy morning at my 'real' job, and don't bother to check my Adwords account until over lunch. Only to see a campaign that ordinarily might see a click a day showing 400+ clicks.

Here's hoping there were at least a few buyers in the curious!

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