Now Paying for a Couple Membership Sites

Despite appearances based on the avalanche of recently posts, I really haven't been entirely slacking off. Mind you, I still suffer a little of my bouncing from idea to idea illness, but it isn't quite the chronic condition it has been in the past.

The major activities that I've been involved with have centered around information from a pair of excellent membership sites I've recently become members of:

The difference between these membership sites and, for instance, Digital Point is that I'm actually paying to be members of both of these. Compared to the value of the information I'm gaining (and the boost in earnings I'm getting), it's really a pittance. But that pittance is just the extra motivation that kicks me into taking more action, which is what it's all about. After all, if I'm shelling out my hard earned money, I better be getting something in return!

And what have I been doing with myself based on the info from those sites? Well, that's a subject for a couple future posts...

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