November Goes Down!

Pothead Snowman
Creative Commons License photo credit: S Migol

While November was an absolute mind blowing month for my latest endeavors, as of this morning it has been passed up by December. Seventeen days in, and I have already surpassed November's total. I thought traffic would have at least started to slow down by now with the holidays rapidly approaching, but the last week showed two new record days up in the books (and those non-record ones couldn't exactly be called bad either). Not quite time for a new sticky yet, but Monday sure made a good run at it!

Still waiting on good ol' eBay to actually pay me instead of just telling me they are about to pay me, but I'm a reasonably patient man and can bide my time a little longer. But please step it up, can ya'? I'm itching to see a decent-sized deposit in my account. After all, I've got a credit card balance to wipe out as well as a Wii to go shop for... :)

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