WARNING! Network Solutions Extorts Domain Searchers

As if Network Solutions' ridiculously overpriced domain registration fee and painful transfer process weren't enough, now they've taken to kidnapping your domains if you happen to search for a domain via their site. I've hated NetSol ever since they essentially forced me to re-register my first ever domain by stalling me long enough in verifying an email that I was unable to transfer it away to someone with reasonable fees.

But this is beyond pale. All you have to do is use their interface to check on domain availability, and NetSol takes it upon themselves to grab up the page and essentially forces you to buy it through them, at their usurious price. That, or wait 4 days for them to drop it and hope you beat the tasters, who now have no problem seeing exactly what was searched for now that NetSol has handily exposed this info to the world.

Screw you too Network Solutions!


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