Need A Generator at My Hunting Stand (But It Won't Fit On My Vespa)

What the heck am I rambling about? Just my latest domains:

  • Dreaming Vespa Dreams; after all, hasn't everyone dreamt of wheeling around on a little European scooter, at least once? (In the immortal words of Eddie Izzard) 'Ciao!'
  • Not masculine enough for you? Well, just climb up into your Hunter Stand and get a little primal.
  • But it sure can be cold out there this time of the year, so don't forget to bring along a Cheap Generator to bring the heat (and the game) with you!

With each bit of success I'm adding another domain or two or three. I've recently decided that, at least for now, I will not take out any profit on any of the income my sites earn. Instead, I plan to just keep rolling everything beyond expenses into additional domains/niches. Each site seems to add another layer to this endeavor's income snowball. So as long as I can get the individual sites even marginally profitable, adding more seems to be the smart route.

When I have that 1,000th domain earning it's shiny quarter day in and day out, well, then I'll decide what the next step is... :)

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