My Needs Are Expanding: Multiple Monitors

I spent some time today setting up a handful of PPC campaign blasts to my latest group of phpBay mini sites, and in the process realized that what used to be a luxury is rapidly becoming a requirement: multiple monitors.

Here at the work, I have a decent single 19" LCD monitor, which is wonderful if I'm working in a window or two. But if I get much more complicated than that it gets to be a pain to manage. At home, I have dual 17" LCDs, which allows me to get quite a bit more done. 4 or 5 windows open at once becomes manageable. But it looks like I'm getting close to the point that a big middle third might not be such a bad idea. Today, while blasting away, this is what I had going on:

  • TextPad, my favorite text editor
  • the Adwords Editor
  • a wonderful little spreadsheet that automagically simplifies the whole Adwords campaign process in Excel (picked up from the ever helpful Campaign Blasts forum)
  • Keyword Transformer, an insane time saver if you plan on doing any PPC and would like to actually track anything
  • Firefox to randomly check on the keyword landing pages that Keyword Transformer is giving me
  • an explorer window or two

Trying to do this at work on that single monitor, at least rapidly, was a bit chaotic. Time spent finding and switching to the app that I wanted definitely took away that flow state I want to get into when I'm batching my way through a process.

Might just be time to do a little shopping when this month's EPN payment comes in... :)

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