My God, How Many Wii Bundles Are There?!?

Creative Commons License photo credit: ColKorn1982

Because my brother & sister are going to be in distant corners of the world come Christmas time, my side of the family celebrated the holiday a little early this year. A fine ol' time was had by all!

But I think the most fun was had firing up my parents' Wii (an earlier gift that probably hadn't hardly been touched by my technophobic folks since it was given) and getting everyone involved in a bit of living room virtual -- and real -- exercise. Enough fun that I made a bit of a deal with the wife so that she wouldn't give me too much crap if I went and bought one.

Now before you go off and call my pussy whipped, you've got to understand. We've been in fairly heavy debt killing mode the last couple years, and superfluous purchases like a Wii have been pretty much nonexistent for quite awhile. It feels weird to spend even $100 that hasn't been specifically budgeted. But the deal I made seemed pretty harmless anyway: have a five-figure month in December with my side endeavor, and I get to be guilt-free in making the purchase. Seemed like a stretch to both of us.

And then November ended. And a few things fell into place. And I had a five-figure month in November. :!: And so far, December is looking to be even better than last month.

So, even if I may be a little premature, I've been doing a little Wii shopping. And I've just gotta ask: WTF Nintendo? Every time I look around, I find yet another Wii bundle. Can you possibly throw together just a couple dozen more to make the selection even more difficult? :roll:

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