Let The Early Adopters Take The Hits

Sometimes, having too many things on your plate can be a good thing.

The last few days have seen the rollout of the eBay Partners Network aka eBay's in-house affiliate program. Being mildly brain damaged from it being tax season, I decided I'd put off any serious work at getting the portions of my sites that use eBay converted to the new, non-CJ program until, oh, the 16th. Or maybe the 20th -- let a few brain cells grow back and all.

And honestly, even if the switchover date was June 1st rather than April 1st, I still would have held off. I don't generally enjoy being a beta tester. With something this major -- and I'd call switching over quite likely the largest affiliate program out there to an in-house program a major undertaking -- problems are bound to pop up. And of course, they did, and likely will for awhile yet. Such as:

  • Like the on-the-ball developers that they are, Kevin & Adam from Build A Niche Store had code ready to go when eBay threw the switch. Of course, since they really had no way of fully testing it before the system was actually up and running, there were a handful of bugs. That they were cleared up in no time is a testament to their attentions.
  • Just today we see an extended bit of trouble with the eBay RSS feed (which many affiliates use). Namely, that they were slow as molasses. Oh, and that they were apparently not passing along your affiliate IDs. You know, just little things... ;)

Creative Commons License photo credit: RichieC

I did upgrade one of my sites to the new system, more to play than anything. Went smooth as could be. Of course, it's essentially a new BANS site, so I wasn't concerned about wasting the almost nonexistent traffic it draws right now.

What really gets me is the reactions I've seen online about these little snafus. Ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth and the-sky-is-falling-the-sky-is-falling. Someone needs a lesson in the law of attraction. I'll just take it as my periodic reminder that time spent on most forums is a wasteful distraction to actually getting anything done. :roll:

Oh, and ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! :mrgreen: They sure tried their best to make it interesting, didn't they!

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