Kick in the Ass, Week 31

Last week shows me PPC blasting, attending Practical Profits, finishing my class, and spending too much time in airports:

  • First half of the week found me very busy campaign blasting. Haven't broken through that 100 blast goal quite yet, but made some serious progress towards doing so. Another six days left in this round, so I'll see if I can find enough focused time to get it done!
  • Welcome to Sin City By Monalicious in Carbsland
  • Last half of the week found me in ridiculously hot Vegas for the Practical Profits conference. Luckily, spent the hottest part of the day inside with some of the smartest internet marketers out there! Made lots o' notes, met lots of interesting people, drank lots of water... ;) The mind is still reeling, but I've got at least another 50 different directions to try out if I'm ever in need of ideas! If you've never been to a conference like that, don't hesitate. The cost was insignificant compared to what I learned. And I can say without a doubt that applying just a little of what was put out there would pay me back a hundred-fold. Give me a bit to tidy up my notes, and I may just pass along a tidbit or ten... :)
  • Between checkout time and when I needed to catch my flight from Vegas, borrowed the hotel's wifi and finished up the last of my entrepreneurship class. Definitely picked up a few pointers. Along with a renewed hatred for all things PowerPoint. Swear to god, PowerPoint is the death to anything deeper than surface knowledge, and being forced to use it to create something that would be much better conveyed via a few simple paragraphs worth of text just drives me nuts. Nevertheless, the bits of info picked up made the time invested in the course worth it in the end.

Anyway, must get back to blasting! So what did you do last week?

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