Kick in the Ass, Week 26

New Mexico by Wolfgang Staudt

Not that it is part of the goal other than this weeks distraction from it, but finalizing the pre-vacation to-do list and beginning to collect what we need was front and center last week. 10+ days wandering east to Iowa for a few, back through South Dakota & Nebraska, and quite a while wandering in the mountain country of Colorado before returning home will make for plenty of time to decompress. Just me traveling would involve a duffel bag containing few changes of clothes, a fully loaded iPod, a camera, my wallet, and maybe a book or two. But traveling with the wife and son? All of a sudden the back of the Jeep'll be loaded down, I imagine... ;)

But I did manage to get a few more things done this week despite that distraction:

  • Finished up all my pre-blast work on the remainder of the 80 landing pages from last week, and started loading the keyword info into my handy dandy PPC campaign builder. I'll finish that up sometime in the next day or two, and have everything chugging along before we leave on vacation this weekend.
  • Set up a quick split test on an idea or three for my landing page templates.
  • Spent a good chunk of my late night free time researching content for a couple Nanocontext sites. It definitely helps that I'm personally interested in the niches, so I find myself delving pretty deep into the topics. Should be a fun pair of sites to put together!
  • Class. What can I say? It's not a terrible class per se, but it definitely focuses too hard on the ol' brick n' mortar world than the direction I'm interested in working towards. Focusing right now on lots of complications that simply don't matter, or often even exist, in a virtual world business. So I have a hard time putting in a ton of effort. A trait every entrepreneur needs is the ability to decide what needs your attention and what can do without it, and a big part of this week's assignments found me in the latter camp... ;)

As I'll be who know where, next week will likely see this update MIA. Have a great one everyone!

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