Kick in the Ass, Week 25

Celebrating Freedom by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

Took it a little easier than normal last week, spending quite a lot of my free time celebrating our independence by joining my son in blowing some things up and setting other things ablaze. The 4th definitely brings out the inner child in me! Nevertheless, I did manage to get some work done:

  • Started doing what I do with the reports my outsourcer returned to me, and managed to set up 45 landing pages. The other 35 will be done this week, and then I will work to blast away at 'em.
  • Working ahead on my online class before we take off for vacation in a couple weeks. I still will probably have to do a little work on the road, but hoping I'll be able to finish it up while riding through a bit of emptiness. If it takes much more than that, it just ain't getting done, I'm on vacation. I'm at that point in life that what kind of grade I get in class really matters all that much anyway... ;)
  • Did some work building out a couple long neglected domains. I've been playing around with a trial of Market Samurai and the Nanocontext concept, and realized I have a couple domains with some pretty substantial Adsense potential.

Oh, and for a great bit of thought on independence, check out the inimitable Johnny B. Truant's latest post! Hell, check out all of Johnny's stuff -- makes for some inspirational if irreverent reads. My favorite type... ;)

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