Kick in the Ass, Week 24

Another Monday arrives, which means another accounting of my time has come due. So, what have I managed to accomplish this week?

Up, Up, and Away by varun
  • Didn't get done with 'em by Wednesday as planned, but managed to get another 65 landing page blasts alive n' kicking. Got distracted by a shiny metal thing -- a lesson to not open your email when you have other things needing your attention -- and so didn't get them all finalized until Saturday.
  • My outsourcer finally finished the eighty sales reports I expected, oh, four weeks ago. Lesson to take from this one: set a deadline. ;) No big deal, really, as I have a ton on my plate anyway, but was beginning to worry the task would never get done. That said, the final product is always great from her, so going forward I'll just make sure to have a tighter schedule in place. Plan to go through the reports over the next few days, and see what kind of progress I can make this week.
  • Continue to plug away on my online class. The focus over the next few weeks appears to be writing up a business plan based around an actual idea we intend to implement. Decent idea, but far too in depth for how I work. Lots of focus on selling to business idea to investors or justifying to potential profit to lenders for my online endeavors. On of the main points of these mini businesses I am building is that they don't require a heavy investment in capital. In my mind, if it take years or even months to see a positive return on the investment, my time is better spent exploring other ideas in my list.
  • Set up the horseshoe set I received for Father's Day, and spent a hot afternoon trying my luck. Let's just say more practice is definitely in order... :)

Enjoy the 4th everyone, and try not to blow off too many fingers! :)

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