Kick in the Ass, Week 23

Ack, forgot about this, and this one got automagically let go with the 'Feel Free to Berate Me' message. But in reality, hey, I did get a few things done this week:

  • A whole crapload of research on additional landing page topics. Spent a good chunk of this evening doing more work on them, but none are totally complete yet. Nevertheless, another 65 will by done by Wednesday!
  • The online Entrepreneurship class I'm taking is eating up a chunk of time every night. Probably more than I need to spend on it. My experiences over these last couple years makes a lot of this early material almost laughable in its naivety, but I still sink too much time answering things the way I'm sure the professor want us to. The tendency of mine to perfect things before sending 'em out sometimes drives me nuts! I mean really, what the hell, whatever grade I get in this class won't change my life one iota... ;)
  • Continue working on my initial nanotext blog. Fun topic to me, so it doesn't really feel much like work!

See, not a total waste... ;)

[What is this all about?]

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