Kick in the Ass, Week 22

Ah, another early summer week, and continuing to progress towards my goal:

  • My landing page build 'n blast binge goes forward. Another fifteen are alive, and another forty or so are at least somewhere in the process of getting to that point. Because of these efforts, I believe the substantial slowdown I have seen during this time of the year in the past appears to have stalled. While I may not be gaining a bunch of ground compared to, say, January, holding pretty much steady during this time is a success as far as I'm concerned. Once things begin to ramp up again later this year, I should be in phenomenal shape...
  • Studying @ the Kotel by lev_cap
  • In years past, I have done a little to keep my mind sharp by taking a formal class or two. It's been a couple years since the last one. Decided to pull the trigger on another one when the regional community college's quarterly mailing arrived in the mail and signed up for an online class. Last week was the first week in my Intro to Entrepreneurship class. Seems a little odd to be taking an intro class in it as I've been running this entrepreneurial enterprise profitable for a couple years now (and at least marginally for a few years more). A few new insights will make it well worth the effort! Plus, not caring about the grade you get makes a class a helluva lot more interesting as well as fun. Wish I would have realized that the first time around, might have gotten a ton more from my college experience!
  • More work tweaking my flavor of a nanocontext system when time permitted. Meaning not a ton, but I did work in a few interesting twists at least!

Oh, and don't forget: your quarterly estimates are due in the mail, um, today... :/ While it sucks to write big checks to anyone -- especially the gov't -- one also should remember that doing so just means you are doing well!

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