Kick in the Ass, Week 20

BBQ Inferno by Frederic Poirot

Again, my weekly KITA arrives a day late, but I was more interested in spending a little quality time outdoors with the family on an almost perfect warm & sunny spring afternoon versus throwing up a post on Memorial Day. I don't know what it was like in your neck of the woods, but here in Nebraska, just about the entire weekend just begged for outdoor activities, and I was more than willing to oblige. The sorely-needing-a-mow yard once again reveals the fact that, indeed, our place is not an abandoned chunk of ground. The freshly tilled and planted garden has me dreaming of fresh fruits & veggies in the not too distant future. And the various heads on spikes lining the compound attests to the fact that a variety of animals sacrificed themselves to the culinary gods this weekend.

OK, maybe exaggerating just a little with the last one... ;) That said, the physical world wasn't the only place seeing some attention this week:

  • Another 20 landing page blasts went from brainstorm to fully live. My little kaizen chart shows me finally catching up with -- and passing -- where I want to be towards my goal so far. Must say that I am pleased with how May ended. :)
  • My outsourcer is well on her way to doing her thing with my second batch of reports, and expect to see the final results sometime this week. Which means another 80 landing pages will be hot on the heels of those twenty finished last week. Even during the summer online buying slowdown, I'm pleased with my recent additions. No reason to scale back my efforts now, that's for sure!
  • Still working through the nanocontext report, and working out codifying my own flavor of a system to implement it. I really love a well thought out system...

On to this week...

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