Kick in the Ass, Week 19

Hmmm, somehow missed updating this post Monday, and no auto-posted harassment went out. Wonder what box I forgot to check? Ah well, shouldn't have been harassed anyway, as I still managed to get a few things done again last week. Other than, well, this post... ;)

Seditious Canary's Workbench by Seditious Canary
  • Lined up a big ol' batch of reports for my outsourcer's to deal with for her second project. Nothing too time intensive or anything, but I like to make it simple as possible for them to get to my work. Just means I get it back as quick, and as correct, as possible! :)
  • Picking through a massive bonus report for Nanobloggers. It focuses around using an old monetization method you likely have heard of before, but in a much more thought out manner. Already have a site that is aching for this methodology, and am working on using it on that site as you read this. I'll let ya' know how it goes!
  • Doing a fair bit of tweaking on my landing page campaigns thrown up over the last few weeks. Quite a few are seeing very little activity so far. Though really, all it takes is but a handful of clicks a day to make a truly successful landing page as long as it converts well. I also have a group of high activity campaigns in there, which always keeps me on my toes early on -- a little exciting because they could be big winners, a little worrying because they may just be cash burners. Nevertheless, in the black with the latest group, so looking like it was definitely time/money well spent!
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