Kick in the Ass, Week 18

While not as busy as last week, still managed to get a few things done:

eavil bear by PixLjUicE23
  • Continued weeding that overgrown keyword garden. As long as it shows even the tiniest profit, I'll keep just about any keyword in my campaigns. But I have a bunch of stragglers that haven't done much of anything, so went through and killed off almost everything that's been alive for more than three months with no earnings. The exceptions were a few campaigns that are more seasonal in nature whose season is coming up. Occasionally, I get ahead of myself... ;)
  • Received a refund from my second outsourcer -- the one who disappeared after two hours of work -- for those two hours he did do. With an apology for disappearing. Not that I'm going to rehire him or anything, but I'll have to go back and lighten up my review of his work in light of the fact that he isn't an absolute flake.
  • Not really goal related, but lots of yard work. We live on five acres of rural Nebraska countryside, and don't do any more farming than maybe a 20'x30' patch. Which means I have a bunch o' mowing to take care of, to the tune of around three acres. Also, had a little fun playing with the chainsaw, taking care of a couple trees that were pretty heavily damaged over our ridiculous winter. Not complaining or anything, as I really do enjoy getting my hands dirty after working behind a desk most of the week. Overall, really was a fun week outside... :)

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