Kick in the Ass, Week 17


As I mentioned last week, this week had me doing a little tending to the garden, in more ways than one.

A Weed that I Pulled out of My Lawn and Took a Picture of by bitzcelt

The first was going to be getting our real garden going, but nature instead provided me a miserably cold and windy week, and with it an excuse not to get that garden going. Maybe this week, but so far nature still isn't being too cooperative. Ah well, if it comes down to it, there are always a few farmers markets around to keep us in homegrown veggies for the summer.

But the second way was to spend some time in my advertising accounts removing the junk that has accumulated since the last weeding. And junk there was! The result so far is around 20-25% knocked off the daily advertising spend. Initially, thought I'd gotten a little too aggressive when looking at my click numbers, but with no notable drop in earnings coming in all I've really done is given myself a pretty hefty raise. Definitely time well spent!

On the Outsourcing Front

I also finished up on the trickle feeding of my advertising to the landing pages my outsourcer helped me research. Still too early to see how well those pages will perform, but I have no real reason to expect anything less than, at minimum, yet another chunk of steady almost passive income in the end.

My first outsourcer has also agreed to take on my second project, though she wasn't going to have time to begin on it until this week. Not a problem, as I have a variety of other small tasks that could use a little attention.

Anyway, finalizing eighty landing pages last week should earn me a little slack, shouldn't it? ;)

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